SLINTGL Educational Program – Lecture No 02

Human settlements of Sri Lanka

The Sri Lanka Institute of National Tourist Guide Lecturers held an online lecture on Human Settlements in Sri Lanka on the 30th of October 2022. It was conducted by Mr. Don Anil Munasinghe, who is a member of our institute. Mr Munasinghe has completed his higher studies in the Russian Federation and bears Postgraduate Diplomas in Palaeobiodiversity as well as Archaeology and Cultural Tourism from the Postgraduate Institute of Archaeology (PGIAR), University of Kelaniya.

The lecture was successfully conducted with the participation of more than 70 members. It enlightened the participants on many vital and unknown facts about the early human settlements of Sri Lanka. Based on the “Out of Africa” theory, the lecturer traced the trail of the humans’ odyssey from Africa to the other continents. He went on to elucidate the way our great ancestors built up their settlements in various locations in Sri Lanka.

As the Sri Lanka Institute of National Tourist Guide Lecturers, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to Mr. Munasinghe for this valuable lecture and the time and effort he dedicated to it. No less thanks are due to all the members who participated in the event.

SLTDA Licence Renewal for NTGLs

Your NTGL licence can now be renewed online for the year 2023. The following is what you need:

(a) A medical report issued by a registered MBBS doctor certifying that you are “physically and mentally fit to carry out business as a National Tourist Guide Lecturer and free from communicable diseases”

(b) A photo or scan of your current SLTDA licence, showing the last renewal date

(c) Letter of recommendation issued by SLINTGL (Call 071 728 3125 to have it sent to you online.)

(d) Passport-size photograph with red background

(e) A blank image or document

  1. Click on the following link:
  2. On the page in Image 1, scroll down and click on the yellow button “RENEW YOUR LICENCE”.
  3. On the page in Image 2, enter your email address and password if you have already registered with SLTDA. If not, click on the red button “CLICK HERE TO REGISTER”. (If you have already registered but forgotten your password, there is an option to reset it via your email.)
  4. On the page in Image 3, instead of “Renewed Success” in the image (this screenshot was taken after successful renewal) you will first see the option to pay Rs. 5425.64. You can make the payment only after submitting the required documents further below, so scroll down. Where you see “Already Submitted” for each required document in the image, you will see “Submit”. Click on those “Submit” buttons one by one and you will be taken to a page where you can upload the relevant document. (For the police report, upload the blank image/document. A police report is not necessary when you submit the letter from SLINTGL, but something has to be uploaded there to be able to continue.)
  5. After uploading all the documents, tick the square before final submission and click on the blue “Submit” button there.
  6. Scroll back up now to make the payment. You can make the payment directly with a credit or debit card. (Or else, you have to make the payment at a bank and submit the receipt.) For online payment, a government surcharge will be added and the total will come to Rs. 5534.15.
  7. Take part in the survey for tourism service providers by clicking on the relevant link in the top menu, which is also said to be necessary for licence renewal.
  8. Call Mr. Neranjan at SLTDA on 0112 426 971 and ask for confirmation and further instructions. (You will be asked to send hard copied of some of the above documents.)

*The above details are based on my personal experience and provided with the best of intentions, but no responsibility can be assumed for any mishap that might happen in your case. If you are not comfortable with handling all this on your own, call the first number above to make an appointment to get it done at the SLINTGL Office.

Sujeewa de Silva

SLINTGL Educational Program – Lecture No. 01

SLINTGL lecture on 14th October 2022
  The Sri Lanka Institute of National Tour Guide Lecturers (SLINTGL) in collaboration with the Lions Club, Colombo held a lecture at the SLINTGL Auditorium on Friday 14th October, 2022. The lecture titled DISCOVERING SIGIRIYA, Visualizing the Ancient Sigiriya Complex through a Contemporary Architects Perspective ‘ was presented by Mr. Sanath Abeysekere- Lecturer and Researcher- Art and Architecture, ( MARCH- Moscow Architecture State Academy / BSc, MSc/Post Graduate Diploma in Conservation of Mural Paintings, University of ICROM, Italy.

Mr.Abeysekere provided precious less known insights while lecturing on the latest discoveries at the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Sigiriya. The final Q & A session was engaging and enlightening with over a hundred NTGL’S participating. SLINTGL will be conducting more lectures in the near future and hope to keep you all posted.

World Tourism Day 2022

Since 1980, the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) has celebrated World Tourism Day on 27th September. This date was chosen as the statutes of the UNWTO were adopted on that day in 1970. The adoption of these statutes is considered a milestone in global tourism. The purpose of this day is to raise awareness on the role of tourism within the international community and to demonstrate how it affects social, cultural, political and economic values worldwide.

This year the Sri Lanka Institute of National Tourist Guide Lecturers (SLINTGL) organised a free city tour of Colombo on an open-deck double-decker bus, followed by a press conference. The bus started its journey at the Kingsbury Hotel in the heart of Colombo. After covering the main highlights of the city, it reached its final destination – Independence Square, where the treaty that declared Sri Lanka’s independence from the British Empire was signed on 4th February 1948. When the bus arrived at Independence Square, the group was welcomed with a cultural performance. Addressing the gathering, SLINTGL President Mr. Manoj Maddage explained what should be the future aims of tourism in Sri Lanka, based on this year’s theme of Rethinking Tourism.