Lecture by Prof. Raj Somadewa (part 2)

The part 2 of the lecture titled “Foreign influences in the Art and Architecture of the Cultural Triangle” by Prof Raj Somadewa was held on 25th of July 2023 at the auditorium of SLINTGL. We appreciate and thank Prof Somadewa for all enriching and invaluable archaeological inputs at this session.

We also thank all the National Guides who participated in the lecture and SLINTGL Director Trainings Mr Don Anil Munasinghe for his untiring effort to make this event a success. The Board of directors also appreciate the invaluable support rendered by two sponsors, The Lions Club of Colombo Aleandrite and Tiesh Lakmini – Kandy. Please check in at the SLINTGL web site for further updates on any more seminars to be held in the near future.