World Tourist Guide Day

The event organised by the Sri Lanka Institute of National Tourist Guide Lecturers to commemorate the World Tourist Guide Day was successfully held on the 21st of February, with the participation of more than a hundred members.

During the first half of the day, Professor Raj Somadeva delivered a very important lecture, entitled “Archaeology of the 21st Century”, and the lecture dealt with many significant findings of modern archaeology. The professor also elaborated on the need to use new techniques like “story telling” in presenting such knowledge to the tourist.

As the second half of the morning programme “The Traveller” magazine, the official printed publication of the Sri Lanka Institute of National Tourist Guide Lecturers, was launched. We hope that this magazine, which contains many important articles and colourful photographs in a very attractive format, is published in accordance with all international standards and will help to carry the name of the National Tourist Guide to the world. Mr. Upali Ratnayake and Mrs. Tharanga Rupasinghe representing the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority, Mr. Nishad Wijetunga – President of SLAITO, Mrs. Anne Pitt – one of our sponsors, and former presidents of our institute Mr. Joe Livera and Mr. Bobby Senaweera were our guests of honour. Our Patrons Mrs. Yasmin Abeysuriya, Mr. Christopher Silva, Mr. Ravi Munasinghe and other pioneers of the institute also graced the occasion. The first copy of the magazine was presented to Mr. Bobby Senaweera by President Manoj Maddage.

After the lunch break, the Organiser Notebook for tour guides was launched. This notebook is to be issued from this year onwards instead of the annual diary of the institute. The introductory speech about this notebook was given by its chief editor Mr. Senaka Jayadeva.

As the final phase of the programme, the proposed free insurance scheme for the membership was introduced. Mr. Anura Hemachandra gave the inaugural speech and the representatives of Allianz Insurance Company explained the scheme to the audience.

Diploma in Archaeology and Cultural Tourism

Diploma in Archaeology and Cultural Tourism, PGIAR

The Postgraduate Institute of Archaeology (PGIAR), University of Kelaniya, in collaboration with the Sri Lanka Institute of National Tourist Guide Lecturers (SLINTGL), successfully conducted the first-ever Diploma in Archaeology and Cultural Tourism course which has been included in a university curriculum.

53 National Tourist Guide Lecturers successfully completed the course and were awarded the Diploma at a simple but dignified ceremony held at the Auditorium of the National Museum. The Chief Guest, State Minister of Education Dr. Suren Raghavan, presented the Diploma holders with their certificates.

On behalf of the Sri Lanka Institute of National Tourist Guide Lecturers, we would like to take this opportunity to thank Senior Professor Gamini Adhikari, Director PDIAR, Dr Arjuna Thanthilage, Course Coordinator, and the Academic Panel of PGIAR for their dedication to enhancing the knowledge of our members. Special thanks are due to Mr. Jayampath Senanayake for bearing the burden of organising the lectures. Last but not least, let us express our gratitude to Dr. Mahesh Thiththagalle, a former President of SLINTGL, for taking the initiative to get this program included in the university curriculum.

We wish all the best for the new Diploma holders! Congratulations!

Thank you very much Dear Teachers for shearing your valuable knowledge with us!

SLTDA Licence Renewal for NTGLs

Your NTGL licence can now be renewed online for the year 2023. The following is what you need:

(a) A medical report issued by a registered MBBS doctor certifying that you are “physically and mentally fit to carry out business as a National Tourist Guide Lecturer and free from communicable diseases”

(b) A photo or scan of your current SLTDA licence, showing the last renewal date

(c) Letter of recommendation issued by SLINTGL (Call 071 728 3125 to have it sent to you online.)

(d) Passport-size photograph with red background

(e) A blank image or document

  1. Click on the following link:
  2. On the page in Image 1, scroll down and click on the yellow button “RENEW YOUR LICENCE”.
  3. On the page in Image 2, enter your email address and password if you have already registered with SLTDA. If not, click on the red button “CLICK HERE TO REGISTER”. (If you have already registered but forgotten your password, there is an option to reset it via your email.)
  4. On the page in Image 3, instead of “Renewed Success” in the image (this screenshot was taken after successful renewal) you will first see the option to pay Rs. 5425.64. You can make the payment only after submitting the required documents further below, so scroll down. Where you see “Already Submitted” for each required document in the image, you will see “Submit”. Click on those “Submit” buttons one by one and you will be taken to a page where you can upload the relevant document. (For the police report, upload the blank image/document. A police report is not necessary when you submit the letter from SLINTGL, but something has to be uploaded there to be able to continue.)
  5. After uploading all the documents, tick the square before final submission and click on the blue “Submit” button there.
  6. Scroll back up now to make the payment. You can make the payment directly with a credit or debit card. (Or else, you have to make the payment at a bank and submit the receipt.) For online payment, a government surcharge will be added and the total will come to Rs. 5534.15.
  7. Take part in the survey for tourism service providers by clicking on the relevant link in the top menu, which is also said to be necessary for licence renewal.
  8. Call Mr. Neranjan at SLTDA on 0112 426 971 and ask for confirmation and further instructions. (You will be asked to send hard copied of some of the above documents.)

*The above details are based on my personal experience and provided with the best of intentions, but no responsibility can be assumed for any mishap that might happen in your case. If you are not comfortable with handling all this on your own, call the first number above to make an appointment to get it done at the SLINTGL Office.

Sujeewa de Silva

“Paradise Traveller” – SLINTGL on Instagram

Paradise Traveller, the official Instagram page of the Sri Lanka Institute of National Tourist Guide Lecturers, has been launched.

Instagram is an ever more popular platform for sharing images and videos, so SLINTGL has felt that it is time to make its presence felt there. As an entity passionately engaged in presenting the uniqueness of Sri Lanka to the world, what better way is there for the Institute and its members to portray the various aspects  of a country well known for its multi-faceted beauty and its friendly, vivacious people!

If the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” is anything to go by, the images captured by NTGLs while touring the length and breadth of the island will have myriad stories to tell, affording the visitor rare glimpses into the miracle that is Sri Lanka.