SLINTGL meeting with SLTDA Chairperson

A delegation of top ranking officials of SLINTGL had a fruitful discussion with the SLTDA Chairperson on 27th December 2019. Main topic of discussion was our position on unauthorized tour guiding. As a result, a written assurance was given to us, that our concerns will be addressed with a high priority.
A meeting between the general membership and the SLINTGL officials will be arranged shortly, to discuss the issue further in detail.

Membership database

We are currently compiling the membership data that we hold at SLINTGL, to integrate in to a Microsoft SQL Database Management System. This entails data cleansing, removal of data redundancies and preparation for integration.

Our team may contact members directly or through our office staff, when data verifications are required. We kindly request you to provide information without delay, when requested and cooperate, as we are aiming at completing the database project, before the end of this year.

The completed database will be made available for on-line searches, thus enabling a greater reach.

NTGL Licence Renewal Criteria Amended by SLTDA

At the request of the Sri Lanka Institute of National Guide Lecturers (SLINTGL), the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority (SLTDA) has decided to amend the National Tourist Guide Lecturers’ licence renewal criteria to make the process more convenient for SLINTGL members from now on.

1. The licence renewal period has been extended from 1 year to 2 years for those who have completed 5 years of continuous service.

2. A police report is no longer required; instead, a recommendation letter from SLINTGL will be accepted.