Workshop on Related Laws and Regulations for Tour Guiding

A workshop for SLINTGL members on Related Laws and Regulations for Tour Guiding was conducted at the Institute on 26th Nov. 2019

Agenda of the Workshop

Workshop Theme – Related Laws & Regulations for Tour Guiding

09.00 – Registration

09.30 – Welcome Speech

09.40 – Objectives of the Workshop

President, SLINTGL

09.50 – Session 1

  • Wildlife & Environmental Laws
  • Customs Laws
  • Bio-Piracy
Senior lawyer Mr. Jagath Gunawardana
Mr.Samantha Gunasekara ­– Ex Deputy Director, Customs

10.30 – Refreshments

10.45 – Session 1 Cont….

11.30 – Session 2: Unlicensed Guiding Penalties

Investigation Officer, Enforcement Unit, SLTDA
Senior lawyer Mr. Kithsiri Gunawardana

12.30 – Role of Standards & Quality Assurance & Legal Division of SLTDA

13.00 – Cape Town Declaration for Tour Guiding

Mr. Sajeewa Chamikara – Environment Flying Squad

13.30 – Session 3: Panel Discussion

  • Monitoring illegal guiding
  • How to stop illegal guiding
  • Provisions of 2005 Tourism Act No 38 & Extraordinary Gazette 2140 / 17 – 2019 Sep 10
  • Other relevant laws for tour guiding
Mr. Kottachi – Chief Investigation Officer, Police
Mr. Sajeewa Chamikara – Environment Flying Squad,
Investigation Officer,Enforcement Unit, SLTDA
Senior lawyer Mr. Kithsiri Gunawardana
President, SLINTGL

Membership database

We are currently compiling the membership data that we hold at SLINTGL, to integrate in to a Microsoft SQL Database Management System. This entails data cleansing, removal of data redundancies and preparation for integration.

Our team may contact members directly or through our office staff, when data verifications are required. We kindly request you to provide information without delay, when requested and cooperate, as we are aiming at completing the database project, before the end of this year.

The completed database will be made available for on-line searches, thus enabling a greater reach.

NTGL Licence Renewal Criteria Amended by SLTDA

At the request of the Sri Lanka Institute of National Guide Lecturers (SLINTGL), the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority (SLTDA) has decided to amend the National Tourist Guide Lecturers’ licence renewal criteria to make the process more convenient for SLINTGL members from now on.

1. The licence renewal period has been extended from 1 year to 2 years for those who have completed 5 years of continuous service.

2. A police report is no longer required; instead, a recommendation letter from SLINTGL will be accepted.

German Travel delegation visiting Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Tourism welcomes the German delegation from German Travel Association (DRV). This delegation consisted of the President of DRV and their tourism committee members.
This delegation visited Sri Lanka with the invitation extended by Hon Minister of Tourism, John Amaratunga to visit Sri Lanka to experience the fact that Sri Lanka has returned to normalcy and to encourage more tourist arrivals from Germany.